Why is there never any beer at these things?

I was recently at a conference and one of the parts of the conference was the conference dinner, which is great, quality food and of course, free booze. But why do events like this never have any beer? The choice seems inevitably to be red or white. Sadly red is apparently some stuff made from grapes and not a nice reddish ale like a Rev James or a Copper Ale. After having a couple of glasses of Pimms (well, it was free…) I did make it to the hotel bar where I paid over five quid for a pint of Stella.

So my two appeals go out, firstly to hotel chains, please start stocking real beer so I don’t have to drink Stella. Have you not heard of the craft beer revolution? More and more people are turning to real beer, so I think its time hotels caught up because there is clearly a market there. My second appeal is to event organisers- if you want to put out wine at your events, that’s great but why can’t we have a jug of beer as well?

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