Where are we going in 2018 for our tenth annual trip?

We will soon be off on our annual trip, to Yorkshire this year, for trip nine. It continues to be remarkable to those of us that were there for the start (photo above is the first trip) that a daft idea like this is still going. The point of our annual trip of course is to hear the announcement of where we are going the following year. Each member in turn gets to chose where we go the following year, what is amazing is that the group continues to grow and so no member yet has had a second choice.

This year, Paul of Norfolk (possible hint there as to where he might take us!) will be announcing the location of our tenth trip. This years feature pub is the Black Sheep, which is the pub attached to Black Sheep Brewery in Masham and it is there (after two brewery tours earlier in the day!) that we find out where we are going in 2018. What this also does is give me an excuse to write a blog where I can include the photo’s from the eight trips to date. What I love when you see them in sequence is how you can see the membership grow over the years as our daft idea spreads!

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