Tis the Season of the Amateur Drinker – again!

Yes folks it’s that time of year when the bloke that we at the fourtharch like to call the amateur drinker will be turning up in your local for the first time since last Christmas to greet you with a slap on the back as if you were his bezzie mate only to show his colleagues how popular he is and then after about 1½ pints rip up the rule book of decent behaviour and proceed to treat your pub like a 4-year-old in a ball pool finishing off standing on his head with his trousers around his ankles wearing those plastic reindeer antlers on any part of his body except for his head in a pathetic attempt to impress the local female population.

Apart from the above slightly unorthodox way of celebrating the birth of the Christ child what really irritates me about these people is their controlling nature as if only they can decide when it is time for the fun to begin but even more irritating is that they also want to control the time when the fun is to stop for I am sure that if I walked into this guy’s local in March wearing a traffic cone for a hat and slapped him on the back while sat next to his mother-in-law he would probably refuse to recognise me.

So I am going to be ready for these guys this year but one word of warning if you do spot an unfamiliar face wearing plastic reindeer antlers at the bar in your local this week make sure before advising them that their friends are in the lounge mooning at the traffic out of the window that it is not the vicar calling in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

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