The Tan Hill Inn- Britains Highest Pub

On a trip to the Yorkshire Dales we found ourselves a short distance from the highest pub in Britain- in terms of altitude rather than consumption of substances- the Tan Hill Inn (thanks to the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes for the tip). Sadly we only discovered this on the last day of our trip and so it was a quick visit (apparently there is a limit to the number of bar snacks you can placate two toddlers with before you have to head back down the hill..) but I did have time for a lovely pint of Yorkshire Dales Brewing Co’s Butter Tubs, which I can highly recommend.

Interesting place and a wide range of ales. I was particularly impressed with their “nearly free” wifi- no charge but they ask you make a donation to one of the charity boxes on the bar. So we’ve been to the smallest pub in Britain (Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds), we’ve been to the highest pub, what next?

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