Six Bells and the Great Flood of 1607

Over a lifetime my visits to the Six Bells in Peterstone near Cardiff although regular have only been once in every ten years beginning at childhood through to impressing girlfriends with a run out to a country pub and finally over the last few decennial visits simply to check if the pub is still there. It was 10 years this Easter Bank Holiday Monday since my last visit, so away I went on a cycle ride through Marshfield on the wrong side of the tracks in a Peterstone direction fully expecting to find the pub closed for good. I always like to take a look at the great flood mark of 1607 or Britain’s only known tsunami on the church in Peterstone but unfortunately the church grounds and the foot path to the seawall alongside are both now closed. The pub itself is still open and a car was just pulling into the car park but with a mind made prejudiced by many reports of wholesale country pub closures I noticed that the Christmas decorations had been left up above the pub door and immediately concluded that the Six Bells would soon be ringing its last. It was only when I focused in on the pub sign with my camera phone for the blog that I suddenly realised what I thought were Christmas decorations were in fact six neon bells meaning someone was seriously working on rebooting the pub. Then I saw that the passengers in the car just pulled in were a family of three generations looking confident of a good Easter Monday lunch inside, finally I spotted that rich pastel eggshell paint applied to the pub exterior windows that for me is always an indicator of new investment.

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