Resurrection or Circling Vultures?

I can’t make up my mind what I think about breweries taking over other breweries beer. Part of me likes the fact that I can have a pint of Reverend James or Old Speckled Hen despite the fact that Buckley’s and Morland respectively don’t exist anymore. Somehow though, it just doesn’t feel quite right- it’s the idea of big business taking the successful beers and getting rid of the rest that doesn’t sit well with me.

I think I could cope with the idea of the original brewery sites running but owned by someone else but when a beer moves physical brewery that doesn’t seem right. I know the recipe stays the same and the key bits are yeast, the hops and the malted barley, which should all stay the same, and the only change will be the water.

I’ll leave brewers to debate how much difference the water makes to the taste but to take the recipe and then badge a beer as your own doesn’t sit will with me. It takes a bit of inspection looking at a Revered James clip to see the only reference to Buckley’s Brewery- it’s in the full name of the brewer that created it- Revered James Buckley. I’m sure he’d glad that his beer is still being brewed long after his passing but would he be happy knowing that it’s no longer the brewery that bears his name brewing it?

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