Pub Goes Overboard

This amused me and the sandwich board spread [see what I did there] does not stop at the Colchester Avenue entrance to the Three Brewers in Cardiff, the boards follow you all the way through to the pub doors and then some into the concrete beer garden but are punters seriously expected to take in all the information that the sandwich boards display because on the day I took the photograph the staff had not even bothered to check them – see if you can spot the glaring mistake. If you did actually take time out to read all the boards they simply tell you the obvious – we have beer, food and a television, so will this theme continue with even more boards informing passing trade that the pub has tables, chairs, doors, a roof and toilets with hot & cold running water?

No prizes for spotting sandwich boards left out advertising events already long gone like the Six Nations at the Brewers but if you didn’t spot the mistakes on the days I took the pictures, someone forgot to fill in the blanks on the Fancy a Pint poster leaving us with the tantalising promotion of beer from £8.88 a pint – don’t get trampled in the rush… that’s if you can get past the sandwich boards.

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