Just one month to go to our 10th annual trip!

September sees us return to Woodforde’s Brewery, the site of our first annual trip back in 2009. We take it in turns each year to chose a pub to take the rest of the group to and as the group has grown year on year, no one has had a second choice. On trip number 10, we are however revisiting a pub- Great Paul choose the Fur and Feather, site of Woodforde’s Brewery for our first trip. What we didn’t manage to do on that occasion was a tour of the brewery as they weren’t done on Saturdays back then. This year, Paul of Norfolk has chosen the Fat Cat in Norwich as the feature pub, which allows us to make it back to Woodforde’s and finally do that tour!

DaveSteveGezGreat PaulMattMogiRich

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