Fuller’s Brewery Tour

I like a good brewery tour and on Friday I finally got to do one that I’d been wanting to do for some time. Fullers brewery is in Chiswick and more importantly for me, its just on the side of the M4 and so it’s somewhere that I pass whenever I visit London from Cardiff.

I started with lunch in the pub attached to the brewery, The Mawson Arms, I had a great pork and chorizo burger washed down with a pint of London Pride. I know to residents of London that a pint of Pride might be a dull option because to them it’s everywhere but for me, one of the joys of travelling is sampling the local brew and you don’t get much Pride in Cardiff and it is one of my favourite beers.

On to the tour itself and it excellent, its always nice to hear about the beer making process from someone who knows what they are talking about. I always particularly enjoy the aroma on a brewery tour, its wonderful all the different smells as you go through the different stages of the brewing process. The best bit of course is always the sampling and I thoroughly enjoyed the range of Fullers Ales.

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