Dry January – we love it!

The Cardiff branch of Fourtharch.com certainly embraced “Dry January” this year. Mainly because the local Brains Brewery slashed the price of a pint for the month and topped up their £40 gift cards with a free £10 voucher that could be used to buy beer in any of their pubs. For the brewery at the end of the day is a business and not a charity and the free beer and cut price promotions were put in place to encourage punters back through their doors in January, a month that is traditionally quiet for trade coming so soon after the festive season.

I congratulate Brains for totally ignoring a pressure groups blanket campaign suggesting the whole country should give up booze for a month. I wonder what the reactions would be to maybe a similar campaign suggesting the nation stop eating pies, pasties and cream buns for June to assist with the obesity crisis? So before some human rights equality pressure group demands that our women are injected with Testosterone so that they too are able to grow a moustache for Movember, maybe the Alcohol Change UK charity would like to know that even with free and cut price beer all Fourtharch.com members drank no more or no less beer during the “Dry January” campaign.

The good news is that we all saved around £50 each that will now go towards the props budget for this year’s Fourtharch weekend official video production, the theme this year is most definitely Canada and will feature everyone’s favourite cuddly character Barrie the Beaver and watch out for details soon on the new Fourtharch theme song and Morris dance.

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