Congratulations to the Hopbunker- Cardiff CAMRA Pub of the Year 2016

We at are big fans of traditional pubs, but as we’ve written about previously, you can’t build an old pub. You can however, build a new pub or in this case turn a tired old venue into a new pub.

Having been to the Hopbunker several times, I really like the place- it typifies one of the exciting things about the new breed of pubs- the range of great beer. It’s not that long ago that a pub meant a narrow range of ale, that wasn’t necessarily well kept, supplemented by nondescript lagers like Fosters.

Now we have places like the Hopbunker with 15 pumps for cask and frankly so many keg taps that I lost count. It opens up a world of possibilities- no longer do you have to spend all evening on one decent session ale, you can work your way through a collection of different ales and then end the evening with a lager from almost anywhere across the globe. Long may this new era of range and quality continue.

And the only sign of Foster’s? Their production plant in the gents:

2015-08-01 22.17.41 (1)

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