Can I have a pint please?

We’ve talked a lot about craft beer and mainly in positive terms because overall more good beer is a good thing. That said, that doesn’t mean that craft beer is perfect and it has led to some things that I don’t see as quite so positive. I like that fact that brewers of craft beer are happy to experiment with different types of beer and aren’t put off by high ABV’s.

I think there is a place for strong beer and it’s nice to have a nightcap of something different. That’s nothing new- Greene King have done a Special IPA for quite some time and it’s quite pleasant- it’s also about 7%, which for me does fall into the bracket of a half at the end of the night. What I find more difficult is when you go somewhere like Brewdog and find yourself desperately searching through the list of beers for one that isn’t lethal.

It’s a really good idea to offer strong beers in thirds and two thirds, it makes sense but wouldn’t it be better to also provide some beers that it might be sensible ABV’s that can be drunk as pints? I worry that we are seeing the death of the session beer- quite often a like a pint and going to a place that only offers strong beers in smaller sizes seems to me to be reducing choice- you can have whatever type of beer you like but only in a half because it’s 7%.

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