Post-Brexit can British beer now challenge the dominance of Superbock in Portugal?

The Fourtharch is a group of British beer and pub enthusiasts and we, or I want to know if Post-Brexit along with the growing global demand for new beers and novel flavours, if British beer exports will now increase into continental Europe and in particular Portugal so when I am there on my hols I am no longer faced with the choice of Superbock, Superbock or Superbock.

I thought the EU was all about the free movement of goods and services and yes the supermarkets here in England and Wales are full of wines and beers from all over the world, especially from Continental Europe but in the Portuguese supermarkets I see only Portuguese beer in boxes piled high along with Portuguese wine – you can’t even pick up a slightly more passible San Miguel from next door in Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I love Portugal and the Portuguese [even with Ronaldo] and in particularly the Algarve where the sun is always out and the breeze coming in from the Atlantic acts like outdoor air conditioning, but I cannot get to grips with your beer Portugal it just does not give me that looked forward to first beer bite of the day taste experience.

I could never see EU trade commissioners who 27 times out of 28 would have been European continental lager drinkers ever putting a strong case for British beer so now that the UK is to leave the EU maybe independent breweries such as Woodfordes in Norfolk already with ambitious sales plans for China and the location for the very first fourtharch outing can now move in on Portugal – what better than an Englishman or Welshman to promote British beer abroad. So Post-Brexit let the Super see the Bock and mount those dray horse to introduce our continental cousins to real British beer – especially that little bar I know on the beach on the Eastern Algarve please. [Other members of the Fourtharch may enjoy Superbock]

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