A Weekend Away, to Plan a Weekend Away

What is the best way to plan a weekend away drinking beer? Go on a weekend away and drink beer obviously! Regular readers will know that the highlight of the Fourtharch.com year is our annual trip, a different member every year chooses where we are visiting the following year. We are increasing in numbers every year, which is brilliant, except that it does make organisation more difficult!

With that in mind, this year we decided a gathering of an organising group was neccessary and so Great Paul, Mogi and Rich headed to Cuddesdon to visit Chris, the organiser of the 2017 trip to Masham. Obviously the best place to plan a trip like ours is in a pub, given that Cuddesdon only has one, we went into Oxford for the afternoon to visit some off their historic pubs.

First it was to the Kings Arms, where we between us managed to try most of their range of Young’s beers! We also managed to do some of the planning there and also allow Mogi to take one of his selfies, of the Bodleian Library this time.

Further beers were consumed as we landed at the Eagle and Child, followed by the Turf Tavern and then Chequers. Some great beer in some fine historic pubs (although we could have done with full pints in the Turf Tavern- more on that in a future blog), showing that Oxford has an excellent range of venues.


We ended the day with more fine beer and a very nice meal at the Bat and Ball in Cuddesdon. After explaining to Richard what the door handles were made from, we rounded off the meal with some very palatable cheese…

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