A Great Night at Cardiff Brewfest

With the craft beer revolution in full swing, we went to a beer festival consisting largely of smaller breweries and it’s refreshing to see such a range of beer from less well known brewers. I’d heard of a few of them and was able to have some beers from some of my favourite breweries that aren’t necessarily available in the local pubs. I enjoyed some of Hawkshead’s fine ales, which is great because they difficult to find in Cardiff as they are based in the Lake District- I visited their brewery last year.

What was really fantastic was to see how busy the place was with beer drinkers enjoyed some quality craft beers. I enjoyed a wide range of largely session IPA’s from the likes of Tiny Rebel, Pipes, Otley, Fourpure and Hawkshead. The most interesting thing I tried though was Crafty Devil’s Safe as Milk. I do normally like my beer to taste of… well… beer, and preferably malty beer at that but there are exceptions, I have tried a couple of beers with ginger that are very pleasant. This however, is a milk and coffee stout with a really heavy coffee taste to it that I really enjoyed. I’m not sure I could drink it all night but one or two at the end of the night would go down very well.

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