A brewery closes, but is there a silver lining?

We at the Fourth Arch recently came across the sad news of the closure of Breconshire Brewery. Its always bad news to see the end of a brewery and Breconshire produced some great beers- my personal favourite was Red Dragon which, as the name suggests, is an ale red in colour with a lovely malty flavour.

What makes it particulalry sad news for the Fourth Arch is that Breconshire Brewery is where Gez, Great Paul and Mogi bought two firkins for Richard (and in theory his bride but I’m not sure she had so much as a sip…) as a wedding present.

And why did the brewery close you ask? Is there not enough demand for real beer? Is this the end of the comeback of real ale? The answer is perhaps more surprising and brings us to the silver lining; there was too much competition because there are too many breweries in South Wales.

In 2002 when Breconshire opened, there were 10 breweries in South Wales, there are now 60. Its never good to see a brewery close, but the state that industry is now in is good news.

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